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Is your Daughter a Good Teammate?

The score is tied and going into the second International Tiebreaker.  Your team has a runner at second and your best batter is up at the plate.  The count becomes full and just like a storybook ending; a powerful swing sends the ball deep into the gap scoring the winning run!

These plays are exciting and as long as I can remember, there is always that one player who seems to get all of the glory.  For whatever reason, there is “that player” who has the opportunity to deliver the big result when the game is on the line.

However, softball teams are made up of more than just the nine players who are in the field.  Softball teams are comprised of specialized baserunners, designated players, and backups.  Everyone on the team has a role and it is important for the success of the organization.

The key to a successful team is the acceptance of your role to help the team accomplish its goals.  Now, I want to make it very clear that if your daughter is not a starter on the team; she does not have to be satisfied with that particular role.  I encourage every player to have big dreams and strive to reach for those dreams as it will allow her to do great things.
Softball teams only have 9 spots on the field.  Therefore, if your daughter is not one of the starters can she still be a good teammate?

Anyone can throw on a jersey and call herself part of the team, but there is so much more to it than that. When you put on your jersey, you are not only becoming part of a team but part of a family. Whether you get along or not, all your problems should be pushed aside, for the sake of your team.
A good teammate understands that no matter what position you may play, whether you are the best player on the team or on the field, your nothing without your teammates. The key to a good teammate is being willing to give up anything for your team, sacrificing whatever it takes.
Teammates are supposed to be responsible for one another and look out for each other on and off the field.

The best teammates are ones who pull for each other, even while competing for a position; you should continue to root your teammate on because you are both vital to the team’s success.  You should always want the best outcome for your teammates.

There is no room for negativity on a team. A good teammate should never put another player down; they should always pick each other up, especially on their lowest days. Teammates stick together, even on their worst days. No matter what a player may go through, just think how much more difficult it would be if they were doing it alone.

Learn to Listen or be coachable.  This is a huge one because no matter who is on your team, you can always learn from them. Drop your ego, listen when a teammate talks to you, thank them for their advice and think about what they said. Maybe it wasn’t good, maybe it won’t help you, but you won’t know if you don’t listen to them or the coach.

Throw on your own. A team full of good players will beat a team of bad players. And with the amount a team practices, and because it’s usually always together, the best way to get better as an individual is to get out on your own and throw. Let’s say your team practices 2 times per week and 4 hours each practice. In those 8 hours, how much time will you get to spend working on your throwing? And I don’t mean the number of throws – I mean focused, deliberate practice throwing? I’d estimate maybe 60 minutes tops total. And that might be generous. In order to become better, you need to go out and throw on your own (or with a parent). You can go before or after practice. You can go on the off days. Whatever. Just make time to throw.

Be Supportive.  A team full of players who support each other will do better and have more fun than a team full of a bunch of individuals who aren’t a part of the same common goal. What I mean by supporting your teammates is that when they make a good play – tell them. Congratulate them. When they screw up, don’t get on their case. They know they made a mistake. They’re already beating themselves up about it. So don’t make it worse and call them out on it.

Be Accountable.  In order to be a part of your team, it’s good to know what your role on the team is and what the team can expect from you. Again, this doesn’t mean to not get better at another position that you desire.  However, it does mean to be the best you can possibly be at the position or role you are asked to play.

Set Goals.  Define some goals for yourself.  Basically this comes down to being realistic with yourself about how much time you can commit to the team, what you can expect to bring to the team based on your skill development and what you yourself expect to get out of the season.  Once you define your goals write down how you will accomplish those goals.  Are you going to spend the extra time in the batting cage, add an extra pitching lesson in each week or work on fielding drills you have researched on the internet?

Exhibit flexibility.  Roll with the punches when things change. The ability to take advantage of an opportunity, even if it means changing plans, is huge.

Work as a problem-solver.  Good teammates are problem-solvers, not problem-dwellers. They don’t look to blame others, but rather find a way to make things work.

Being committed to a team is the same as being committed to school or a job. Your bosses and teachers rely on you to be there, and they expect you to work hard to become your best. Becoming your best for the sake of the whole is a great teammate quality and also a valuable lifelong trait. This, along with the other teammate traits mentioned, builds our character and shapes us for a future of happiness and success.

The 04 Texas Travelers are a very competitive select softball team and part of a rich tradition of success.  Each team at each age group is hand selected.  The organization as a whole is small in nature, but has the success and great reputation as the larger organization giving its girls the highest advantage when it comes to their future having sent over 175 girls to play college softball. 

The Texas Travelers are preparing each of their players to start as a Freshman for their Varsity High School Team.  They also are preparing the girls who want to play college ball to have numerous of opportunities.  The coaching staff is comprised of coaches who have won at the National Level in Select Softball and a coach who earned All-American status as a D1 College Player.  Their immediate goals for the team are to compete at the highest level in select softball and become the best 2004 team in the country and allow the team to build great memories while in their youth.  Being a fully funded team, the Texas Travelers require their parents and softball players to understand the team concept and fully support the coaches and Travelers organizations as well as enjoy the comradery of the weekend during the tournament play.

If you are interested in playing for the 04 Texas Travelers, you should have the following attributes and contact Coach Kyle Bennett at 972.679.7702.:
  • · Don’t be afraid of competition. Embrace the challenge. Yes, the Texas Travelers have great players at many positions. However, the Travelers give everyone an opportunity to win the right to play that position. When the girls take the field, they know they have earned the right to play their position because they are the right player that helps the team reach its goals.
  • · Have a desire to play at a high level. The Texas Travelers compete in the most prestigious tournaments in the country, and some of those tournaments are around the Dallas and Fort Worth area. However, it’s not just about chasing trophies or rings. The Texas Travelers players’ goal is to be ready to start as a freshman on their high school varsity team and then ultimately be recruited to play softball in college.
  • · Be coachable. The Texas Travelers coaching staff has a lot of experience, and connections to college experts in softball. The organization treats every girl like they are their own daughter and wants nothing but the best for them. This team is not looking for individuals, but they always have a spot for someone who wants to continue the pursuit of excellence.
  • · Love to overcome obstacles. Many girls are pushed away from softball because of cost or their current organization doesn’t see their value. The 04 Texas Travelers are known for finding girls that love to prove they belong and can play at a high level. In addition, the 04 Texas Travelers players are all on scholarships as the team is fully funded.
  • · Have parental support. The Travelers coaching staff makes the decisions on the field, but the organization is only as strong as its parents. Parents are required to understand the philosophy of the Texas Travelers organization, and positively reinforce the goals of the players and team. When playing for a select softball team, you will spend a lot of time with the families of the players. Therefore, it is important to make sure team chemistry on and off the field provides lasting positive memories for your daughter.

In short, the Texas Travelers require their players and parents to be the perfect teammates.  The 04 Texas Travelers will be preparing to become 2016 National Champions.  For more information about the 04 Texas Travelers visit the team on Facebook or contact Coach Kyle Bennett at 972.679.7702.

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