Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Oh Captain My Captain: Macy Graf Chosen as Captain for Texas Travelers Gold

Texas Travelers Gold Head Coach Kyle Bennett has given the honor of Team Captain to Macy Graf, second baseman for the Travelers.  As a natural leader, she exhibits strong leadership skills during all aspects of softball. Before games, she will huddle the team for stretches, start pregame warm-up, as well as constantly encouraging our pitchers during a heated game.  Without hesitation, she will accompany a teammate/friend to their required school volunteer work just to be supportive so her teammate doesn’t have to go alone. 
You will find Macy Graf at the head of the pack with anything she’s a part of; she’s always in the know and responsible beyond her years.

Kyle Bennett, Head Coach of the Texas Travelers Gold makes the announcement of Macy Graf as Team Captain.

“A leader captures the essence of the team, keep everybody focused and as a unit.  Until Macy’s arrival, the Travelers had never turned a double play from the second base position.  Now, the Travelers are averaging four double plays a tournament.  I couldn’t be happier with the choice the coaching staff has made for this kid.  She is truly a special player, but a great leader.” States, Bennett.

The team has responded with overwhelming approval.  “I love it when Macy is on the field while I’m pitching.  No matter the situation, she always has the right things to say to me on the mound.  She also knows where the ball will be going when I pitch.  Because of her defense, I can throw anything that is called with confidence because I know the play will be made.” Shares Elizabeth Schaefer, Texas Travelers Gold Pitcher.

Team Captain is a great honor to bestow upon any player and we believe Macy Graf will proudly exemplify her new role!