Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Texas Travelers welcome back top pitcher

Recently, the 04 Texas Travelers held an open tryout to all 2004 select softball players.  The tryout took place at Sunnyvale High School and featured about 20 great players as well as the current Texas Travelers who took 3rd in the 2015 ASA/USA National Championships in Normal, Illinois.

The top select softball team was looking to add additional bats and competitive talent to their already strong team as they continue to play in the most prestigious tournaments in the country.  Saturday morning tryouts yielded some great players to go with the all-star softball players already with the club.  One of those additions is pitcher/outfielder, Emily Jonte.  Before playing with the 04 Texas Glory last year, Emily was an essential player for the 04 Texas Travelers as she brings a big bat, strong arm, and softball savvy coaches love to have.

“When Emily was not with us last year, the Texas Travelers felt the difference she could have made in our pitching rotation as well as our lineup.  It is exciting to add this type of caliber of player to our team, and will give us additional weapons in the field as well as batting.  She is also a great kid to be around and will be a plus in the dugout” states, Kyle Bennett, Head Coach for the 04 Texas Travelers.

The 04 Texas Travelers are a very competitive select softball team and part of a rich tradition of success.  Each team at each age group is hand selected.  The organization as a whole is small in nature, but has the success and great reputation as the larger organization giving its girls the highest advantage when it comes to their future having sent over 175 girls to play college softball.

The 04 Texas Travelers were chosen by ASA, which is the governing body of softball to represent Texas in the 2015 ASA/USA National Championship held in Normal, Illinois.  However, the winning record of the 04 Texas Travelers is not what defines the team.  This team was built from the ground up having taken girls out of recreational softball to be able to compete and win at the highest level.

The coaches, led by Coach Kyle Bennett prepare the girls to be strong independent young women.  They are getting their players ready to be able to start as a freshman on their high school varsity teams, and with the organizations connection and strong alumni support; the Texas Travelers girls will be able to attract the attention of some of the top softball programs in the country.  As a matter of fact, Jordan Strickland, Baylor Bears history making shortstop, is on the coaching staff of the 04 Texas Travelers.

The 04 Texas Travelers is also a fully funded team.  This is a plus in today’s select softball world where playing for teams require you to pay for their uniforms, coaches, team lessons on top of the travel expense to play at a high level.  The softball players that play for the Texas Travelers save thousands of dollars for their parents because of the support they receive from the continued donations.

In addition to being a fully funded team, the 04 Texas Travelers have a marketing program second to none.  DeliveryMaxx has donated its patent-pending services to help market the 04 Texas Travelers as well as each of their players which will help when the girls become old enough to start the recruiting process.

The 04 Texas Travelers are one of the top 10U teams in the country.  They will be a first year 12U team, but they have already found success playing in several 12U tournaments recently winning the 2015 Summer Swinging 12U Championship.  Even though they have some of the top rated players at their position, the players are always looking to add to the roster giving them a heighten level of competition even in their own club.  The players and coaches both agree that their performance at practice, off the field, and tournament play determines their time of play in competition.  The coaches look at each player as an individual and identifies how the player can best help the team reach its goals.

The 04 Texas Travelers will be completing their roster for the fall season as they prepare to become 2016 National Champions.  For more information about the 04 Texas Travelers visit the team on Facebook or contact Coach Kyle Bennett at 972.679.7702.

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