Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Anticipation of the First Pitch

As parents, we spend our days waking up early carting the kids to school and then fighting traffic to go to jobs just to become worn down by the day to day trials and tribulations.  Around 5 o’clock we get ready to come back home and jump into the same traffic going the other way.  Many of us try to make it back home in time just to jump in the car (while we are eating what we call our dinner) and take our young star athletes to practice.  For those of us with multiple kids, the schedule can become quite entertaining and never a lack of drama.  Why do we do it?

There are several reasons we put ourselves and family through this grind, and without getting into Freudian concepts, I will share the simple reason.  We are preparing for the weekend stage.  Yes, it is tournament time, and for the Texas Travelers, it will be a six month journey to the ASA National Championship in Normal, Illinois.

This Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15, the Texas Travelers will play in the Ides of March 10U Softball Tournament at the Warren Sports Complex in Frisco, Texas.  The softball tournament has 16 teams (with 7 on the waiting list) that are registered to play.  In addition to the 04 Texas Travelers, the 04 Texas Glory Blue, 04 Texas Glory, 05/06 Texas Glory, Oklahoma Angels 04, Wolfpack, Black Widows 2004, Texas Elite LeClair, MVPz 04, D1 Softball, Wicked, Oklahoma CRUE, 04 Black Widows, Firecrackers DFW Rivera, Midwest Elite 05, and Texas Twist will be competing in the USSSA Tournament.  The softball tournament will consist of 4 Pool Play Games and then single elimination Bracket Play on Sunday.

The Texas Travelers are scheduled to play the 04 Texas Glory Blue Saturday at 8 AM, Oklahoma CRUE Saturday at 11 AM, Texas Twist Saturday at 3:30 PM and Texas Elite LeClair Sunday at 9:30 AM for Pool Play.  Bracket play in the Gold Division will begin at 11 AM on Sunday.  If all goes the way the Texas Travelers plan, the championship game will take place at 5 PM on Sunday.

For many of us parents, Softball Season is a time that allows us to escape from the day to day realities of life!  It is a time, we can sit back in the stands and enjoy the comradery of our softball family.  We get to see the end result of the hard work our daughters’ have put forth over the past year.  There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of the first pitch of the tournament.

However, did you ever take a moment to think about what is going through the mind of your 10 year-old daughter?

The pitcher is standing on the mound after warming up for the past hour.  She receives the call from the catcher and must hit that spot with pinpoint accuracy.  Is she confident in her team to make the play?  Is her adrenalin so high that she hits the velocity she expects?  Does she worry about the batter? All eyes are on her as she goes through her windup and releases the ball.

How about the fielders?  They too have gone through warmups the past hour.  Are they in the proper position to play a hit?  Where will they move if the ball is hit to another player?  Will they backup their teammate or cover the bag ready to receive the throw?  What if the ball is hit to them?  Will they make the play?

Don’t forget about the first batter.  She has been watching the pitcher in warmups.  She is judging her swing to the speed of the pitcher.  Is she confident she will put a ball in play?  Does she worry about striking out?  Her goal is to make it to first and her the umpire yell, “Safe.”

Everyone wants to succeed.  Everyone wants to win the game.  However, like life, not everything goes our way.  So, how will your daughter act after a victory?  How will she act during defeat?  How will they be judged?  What kind of attitude will the parents have in the stands?  What lessons will be taught?

The Texas Travelers would like to wish all teams’ good luck and have a safe tournament.  We look forward to competing with you on the field.

For more information about the 04 Texas Travelers contact Coach Kyle Bennett at 972.679.7702 or follow The Texas Travelers on Facebook.  The Texas Travelers are a 10 U 2004 team that plays ASA competitive softball.  To follow particular players, games, practices or see any other information about the North Texas Select Softball team visit: 04 Texas Travelers News Site.

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