Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Am I a Softball Mom?

The Texas Travelers Select Softball Team spends hours of practicing, traveling to tournaments, and the girls participate in many private lessons.  They have a desire to play softball at the highest level.  The coaching staff is preparing the girls to become 4-year starters for their Varsity High School Teams as well as positioning themselves to play at a collegiate level. The environment the elite softball organization has created is on which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the field.  From time to time, parents are asked to share their experience and Kara Adams, mother of Kelsie Adams, utility player for the Texas Travelers has shed some insight on what it is like to be a softball mom.

It first started because my kid had more energy than sense. I signed her up for softball at 4 years old. At first they were just so darn cute. They didn't really know how to throw or catch. They would forget there was a second base and run straight to third from first. And if they hit the ball to the grass they thought they were superman. As they grew so did their skills. We began to see that our daughter was a bit more competitive and driven than the others on her rec team and began to search out select softball. Holy cow did we get our eyes opened. There are so many talented girls out there. Where our kid always stood out before, she was suddenly lost in the group.

So began the lessons and camps. She was determined to not only stand out, but to be the best at what she did. I watched her through hours of practice, always trying to be what she needed at that time. Sometimes she just needs to be motivated. For me to remind her of why she is out in the 110 degree heat practicing her base running. Sometimes she needs a little TLC. For me to wipe away the sand and blood, patch her up and send her back out. Sometimes she needs me to be her and her dad’s (coach) mediator. I have to sit them down and remind them they are on the same team. Sometimes she just needs her mom. To be told she is my superstar, that she is loved and always will be. Through the ups and downs, the strike outs and the home runs, the scorching heat and freezing cold, me and my fellow softball moms proudly sit by the fence and watch our girls play.

Am I a softball mom?  Yes, because my girl is a softball player. She shows me every day the true meaning of hard work and determination. She sets goals and works endlessly to achieve them. She has learned what being a member of a team means and by that the meaning of lasting friends. These are priceless life lessons. Not only does she still have more energy than I, she is a softball stud and earned it all. It makes all the money spent, vacations missed, sunburns, dirty laundry, and near strokes worth it. Yes, I am a softball mom and wouldn't have it any other way.

For more information on Kelsie Adams, the Texas Travelers, or any other players; you can follow the team on Facebook or visit the Texas Travelers News Network Site.

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