Thursday, May 14, 2015

Top Select Softball Team is Fully Funded

Select Softball can be an expensive sport, especially when your daughter plays for a highly competitive team.  In addition to uniforms, softball equipment, pitching & hitting lessons, field rentals, and indoor facilities; there is travel, food and lodging when top teams travel to tournaments.

The Texas Travelers have been chosen to represent Texas in the 2015 ASA/USA National Championship in Illinois.  This year, they have traveled to Louisiana, Arkansas and later this month will be playing in the Triple Crown in Oklahoma City at the home of Women’s Softball World Series against the likes of Texas Chaos, Fury 04, Diamond Sports Hotshots, Corinth Lady Tigers, Texas Bombers, Heartland Havoc, Texas Stealth, Oklahoma Steele, OC Batbusters and other highly rated teams across the country.  Of course, all of these tournaments and travel can cost families thousands of dollars just to have their daughter play softball.

The Travelers and their players are very thankful to their sponsors and proud to be a fully funded team where they have not had to pay anything for their daughter to enjoy playing softball.  As a matter of fact, Texoma Shirt & Cap located at 501 Quail Creek CR in Pottsboro, Texas has donated all of the Texas Traveler Apparel to Texas Travelers coaches, players and fans alike.

This highly rated softball team is proud to be comprised of girls who other teams have overlooked, or minimized their softball abilities to field a team that has the ability to play at a very high level as well as earning their berth to the ASA National Championship in Normal, Illinois.  These girls are coached to respect the game and carry themselves with class on and off the field.  They play with heart, and don’t let off until the last call of the game is made.  The Texas Travelers are one of the most talked about teams in the United States, and look forward to adding to their strong softball reputation.

The Texas Travelers are not interested in making money on players and their family.  They are excited about developing the girls preparing them to play as a freshman on their high school varsity team and then having the ability to play at the D1 Collegiate Level upon graduating from high school.  With their rich history and strong connections to college coaches across the country; the girls just have to work hard, show heart, keep their academics strong and continue to be coached by the best.

For more information about the 04 Texas Travelers contact Coach Kyle Bennett at 972.679.7702 or follow The Texas Travelers on Facebook.  The Texas Travelers are a 10 U 2004 team that plays ASA competitive softball.  To follow particular players, games, practices or see any other information about the North Texas Select Softball team visit: 04 Texas Travelers News Site.

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